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Contrary to popular belief Swedish massage is NOT a half naked Swedish girl eroticlly massaging a naked man on a bench ! I know that there will be a lot of disappointed men out there now but if you can get beyond the fantasy you will be greatly and wonderfully surprised to find that Swedish massage will invigorate and stimulate ( your muscles and joints that is)and greatly strengthen your joints and muscles.It will also improve blood flow throughout your whole body.
Your brain wave pattern will increase due to increased blood flow to the brain.
Swedish massage is great for anyone wanting to improve thier fitness .
Ladies would greatly benifit from Swedish massage,there is stimulation throughout the nervous system (endocrine hormonal system)

Although Swedish massage is a firm joint and limb massage,traction is also used but you will not end up feeling like you have been under a steam roller,in fact you will be feeling wonderfully invigorated,stimulated and relaxed.

Swedish massage is not suitable for the elderly,anyone suffering osteoporosis,arthritis,rheumatism or any recent injury to bones.

The Swedish massage was developed by a Swedish Dr Ling,hence the name"Swedish massage".
This treatment increases oxygen flow in the blood,assisting circulation and helps to release toxins from your muscles,at the same time stimulating your skin and nervous system.
Swedish massage can also shorten recovery time for muscular strain.
Relaxing and invigorating,improving flexibility and reducing stress.
You will feel totally relaxed and pampered.

You should expect to have your legs slightly raised and also your head for neck and shoulder traction and massage.Please note that this should not be attempted by anyone unquallified to do so.

There will be percussion,hacking and kneading movements which is excellent for cellulite and dispersal of fat bubbles which looks simular to orange peel on our bodies.
Diet will also help,cutting down on diary produce and meat will also help to keep you fit in general along with gentle exercise such as good old fashioned walking on a regular basis,not just once a week.
Drinking plenty of water will help to lubricate your joints so anyone suffering joint or back problems should be drinking at least 2 litres of water every day.If you have problems drinking water,as many people do,fill a jug with water and add some freshly squeezed lemon or orange juice.
You will soon see how much water you can easily drink every day and your skin will improve in texture and moisture. Take care and have fun


Massage has an indirect effect. Muscles will be improved therefore there will be less stress on the skeleton, particularly around the joints. Better muscle tone improves skeletal posture. Passive movements mobilise joints. By improving circulation, better nutrient delivery to bones enables more efficient cell regeneration.

Removes lactic acid,(waste product of too much exercise). Removes toxins and reduces stiffness. Improves circulation therefore there is a better delivery of nutrients and removal of waste products.
Physical manipulation of muscles helps flexibility. Massage results in improved muscle tone and posture. Massage relaxes muscles.

Improves circulation by speeding up the flow of blood. Massage assists the action of the heart. It can lower high blood pressure by removing the tension that causes it. There is better delivery of nutrients and removal of waste products because blood flow is improved, also improving blood flow to the surface of the skin.

Massage can either be invigorating or relaxing. A stimulating massage will awaken the nervous system, energising the body. A relaxing massage will calm the nervous system thus removing the effects of stress. Massage restores balance between the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system.

Massage results in better circulation therefore better delivery of nutrients to cells around the body. It improves the elimination of waste. Improves blood flow to the liver, hence there is better elimination of waste. Massage physically assists with peristalsis over the abdomen.

Encourages more efficient waste removal therefore encourages urine production and elimination. It results in improved blood flow to the kidneys, improving their health and efficiency.

Massage relaxes the body which results in deeper, fuller breathing. There is better and more efficient gaseous exchange and more oxygen is delivered into the body. The muscles involved with respiration will be less tense (intercostals and diaphragm) therefore breathing will be more efficient.

Massage helps the physical movement of lymph through the lymphatic system. It helps with the removal of waste, thereby boosting the immune system.

Massage results in less stress leading to fewer stress hormones. The feel good effect releases endorphins. The delivery of hormones is improved by better circulation.

Massage invigorates the skin. It exfoliates, thus improving skin tone and elasticity, resulting in radiant skin.

Improved circulation improves the efficiency of organs. Massage can affect the menstrual flow.

Full body 1 hour Swedish massage



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