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Most symptoms are stomach related but some sufferers also have a mixture of ailments ranging from headaches, back aches joint and muscle pain to ringing in the ears and shortness of breath.
IBS can be very embarrassing as sufferers may find they have a sudden urge to go to the toilet at any time and anywhere.
You may find that you have to organise your entire day around quick access to a toilet.
If you suspect you have IBS it is important you see a doctor for a correct diagnosis.
The number of complicated symptoms and causes of IBS means there is no one simple cure however making lifestyle and diet changes should help to greatly relieve symptoms and permit you to lead a normal life again.
Some things you can do for yourself is to check for certain allergic reactions to foods such as wheat, beef, pork, lamb, eggs and soya bean. Other factors are smoking, stress and lack of sleep.
Try keeping a food diary and write down what you have eaten and check for symptoms then write down what the symptoms are.
Regular activity of something you really enjoy will work wonders. Exercise, walking, running and swimming will ease gut pain and other IBS symptoms. Some people may prefer calming Yoga, Reflexology or Aromatherapy Massage.
Drink plenty of fluids preferably water. If you cannot stand just plain water add a squeeze of lemon or a little fruit juice to a jug of water and have sips throughout the day or if you are going out fill a container and take it with you.
It’s a good idea not to eat fatty fast foods, drink with meals or eat a heavy meal late at night.
Probiotics such as acidophilus helps to balance gut bacteria. Studies at Canada’s McMaster University found long term use of Probiotics could help intestinal problems linked to stress and diet.
Peppermint oil is wonderful for easing symptoms due to the oils anti spasmodic effects. If you find symptoms worse during PMS evening primrose oil is wonderful.
Reflexology is a very healing treatment for IBS working the liver, gall bladder, thyroid and parathyroid reflexes plus working the whole digestive tract.
If you cannot bare the thought of anyone touching your feet an Aromatherapy massage with healing oils of ginger, lavender, peppermint, fennel or roman chamomile would be a wonderful way to de-stress and relieve the symptoms of IBS.
With our busy lifestyles it is even more important to have some time for ourselves, just 20 minutes of complete relaxation would work wonders. Switch off or unplug your telephones, put a sign on the door…back in 20 minutes then put your favourite relaxing music on low, put your feet up, close your eyes and think of your favourite relaxing scene.
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